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SunBoost has developed the world's most innovative solar PV+ greenhouse, a disruptive solution that enables for the first time profitable  photovoltaic electricity on top greenhouses AND securing high quality and competitive agriculture. SunBoost's patented technology integrates innovative and proprietary optical glass booster panels with a special embossed pattern with unique greenhouse designs.

Levaraging greenhouses for additional  sustainable PV  power generation will secure farmers with a stable bankable income that will revolutionize their livelihood. Now farmers can enjoy higher, stable and sustainable income.
sun, sun, brightness, day, lightness


SunBoost is piloting its disruptive greenhouse in the Arava region in Israel, in partnership with the Arava R&D extension and with Azrom, a leading global greenhouse manufacturer.Furthermore, Sunboost is constructing a commercial demonstrator in Spain under a prestigious and highly competitive Horizon 2020  SME Instrument grant, in partnership with leading Spanish greenhouse manufacturer RUFEPA S.L.

SunBoost was seed funded by Horizon GreenTech Ventures (A GE and Rotem Industries fund) and has received funding from the Ministry of Economy (now the Innovation Authority) and from the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources in Israel.

sun, sun, brightness, day, lightness


B.Sc. Math, M.Sc. Chemistry,  Seasoned multidisciplinary developer and entrepreneur,  with more than 20 patents and patent applications.

  Also, partner in a 40 hectare farm which has been growing with CAGR > 10% in the past decade.

Yair Salomon

CEO, Co-Founder

Co-founder and formerly president and CEO of “Nova Measuring Instruments”, 1993- 2007, (Nasdaq: NVMI, Market cap >$500M).

Giora has acquired 30 years of experience in semiconductor and packaging processing, equipment developing, marketing and management. A Successful “second-timer”.

Giora Dishon

Co-Founder, PhD Material Science

Co-founder, formerly VP Technology and CTO of “Nova Measuring Instruments”, 1993-2007, (Nasdaq: NVMI).

Moshe has 30 years of experience in semiconductors and optical systems, developing, producing and marketing and co-inventor in over 70 patents. A successful “second-timer”. Author of the book “Starting-Up” and a lecturer at the Ben Gurion University. Winner of several industrial awards including the Rothschild Prize.

Moshe Finarov

Co-Founder, PhD Physics



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