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The PV+ Greenhouse

First of its Kind

Enabling Solar PV on Greenhouses
Enabling Competitive Agriculture


SunBoost has developed the world's most innovative solar PV+ greenhouse, a disruptive solution that enables for the first time profitable photovoltaic electricity on top greenhouses AND has proven securing high quality and competitive agriculture.
SunBoost's patented technology integrates innovative and proprietary optical glass booster panels with a special embossed pattern with unique greenhouse designs.


SunBoost was seed funded by Horizon GreenTech Ventures and partners with The Central and Northern Arava Agriculture R&D to bring its disruptive PV+ greenhouse to the region.
In Spain SunBoost has partnered with RUFEPA TECNOAGRO, S.L,  to commercialize the PV+ greenhouse technology in Europe.


Our team comprises seasoned and experienced "second timers" who already brought a company for start up to a market cap in the hundreds M $US.
Our BoD members are and were successfully involved in businesses in the agriculture and food chain and in the solar industry.


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